KED SMT Stencil Cleaners

KED-2000 SMT Stencil Cleaner

KED-2000 Pneumatic SMT Stencil Cleaner

The KED-2000 is an advanced-design SMT stencil cleaner that features all-pneumatic air operation, eliminating the risk of fire from electrical sparks.

A high-precision, three-stage filtration system and S-shaped air exhaust allow the cleaning solvent to be recycled, resulting in lower consumption levels and significantly reduced operating costs.

Either alcohol- or water-based solvents can be used. Rugged, stainless-steel cabinet construction resists damage from acid or alkaline cleaning chemistries.

Internal components are from internationally recognized manufacturers, to ensure long-term reliability.

CE certification allows global deployment.

A user-friendly control panel displays solvent and pump pressure, as well as the number of stencils cleaned. Cleaning pressure can be adjusted to suit different types of stencils.

Easy, one-button operation activates a specially designed dual-spin, rotary spray nozzle that cleans stencils efficiently and thoroughly, yet without affecting their tension.

Cleaning and drying cycles are a short 3 to 5 minutes each. Solvent can be conveniently added or removed by means of a semiautomatic pump system, avoiding loss due to spillage.


  • Pneumatic air operation eliminates risk of electrically caused fire
  • 3-stage filtration system and S-shaped air exhaust recycles solvent, reduces operating costs
  • Alcohol- or water-based solvents
  • Stainless-steel cabinet resists acid or alkaline cleaning chemistries
  • Internal components from internationally recognized manufacturers
  • CE certification
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Adjustable cleaning pressure
  • Dual-spin rotary spray nozzle cleans thoroughly without affecting stencil tension
  • Fast cleaning and drying cycles (3–5 minutes each)
  • Semiautomatic pump system for filling or emptying solvent avoids spillage


Stencil size Max. 750 x 750 x 40 mm
Solvent-tank capacity 40 L
Solvent dosage 25–35 L
Cleaning system 360° rotary nozzle and high-pressure air
Cleaning time 3–5 min. (solder paste)
Drying time 3–5 min.
Exhaust-port size Ø123 x 50 mm h.
Filtration system Stage 1 filter: 10 μm (impurities and labels)
Stage 2 filter: 5 μm (solder-paste and rosin granules)
Stage 3 filter: 1 μm (solder-paste and rosin particles)
Air pressure 0.45–0.7 Mpa
Air consumption 400–600 L/min
Dimensions 750 x 950 x 1750 mm + 50 mm (air exhaust)
Weight 250 kg

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