Reject Conveyors

Long Stars Reject Conveyor 225h

Reject Conveyor

Long-Stars reject conveyors are used to remove bad boards from production without having to pause or stop the assembly line. An inspection mode allows the operator to visually inspect PCBs before letting them proceed.

The units are manufactured in China, using high-quality, CE-approved components from global suppliers such as Omron and Panasonic. They have the same high reliability and advanced features as conveyors made by better-known manufacturers, but cost significantly less.


  • Reject, inspect and pass-through modes
  • Modular design
  • Custom sizes available
  • Ruggedly built for long-term reliability
  • Easy width adjustment via concealed leadscrew
  • Variable speed control
  • Antistatic conveyor belt
  • One-year parts warranty
  • SMEMA cables included


  • Multiple zones
  • Cooling fans (top and/or bottom)
  • Pin-chain conveyor
  • ESD dust covers


Conveyor Type Belt (pin-chain optional)
Conveyor Speed 0.5–20 m/min
Power Source Single-phase AC 110 V
Power Consumption 100 VA max.
Air Pressure 4–6 bar
Air Consumption 10 L/min max.

Operational Schematic

Long Stars Reject Conveyor Schematic


Unit: mm Model Conveyor Size* (L x W) Min. PCB Size (L x W) Max. PCB Size (L x W)
Reject Conveyor LS-C052HD3BLL 1000 x 739 50 x 50 457x 407
LS-C052HD3BXL 1000 x 790 50 x 50 530 x 460

*Custom sizes also available.

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