Mini Magazine Loaders

Long Stars Mini Magazine Loader

Mini Magazine Loader

Long-Stars Mini Magazine loaders are manufactured in China, using high-quality, CE-approved components from global suppliers such as Omron and Panasonic. They have the same high reliability and advanced features as those made by better-known manufacturers, but cost significantly less.


  • Modular, customizable design
  • Ruggedly built for long-term reliability
  • User-friendly soft-touch LED control panel
  • Self-diagnostic error-code display
  • Gentle PCB loading and unloading
  • Pressure-regulated pusher prevents PCB damage
  • Top and bottom pneumatic clamps to secure magazine rack
  • One-year parts warranty
  • SMEMA cables included


Indexing pitch 20 mm or specify
PCB Thickness: Min. 0.4 mm
PCB Feed Time: Approx 6 s or specify
No. of Magazines: Upper conveyor: 1; lower conveyor: 2
Indexing Pitch: Programmable, 1–4 slots per PCB (10 mm ea.) or specify
Power Source: Single-phase AC 110 V
Power Consumption: 300 VA max.
Air Pressure: 4–6 bar
Air Consumption: Max. 10 L/min

Operational Schematic

Long-Stars Mini-Magazine Loader Schematic


Unit: mm Model Min. PCB Size (L x W) Max. PCB Size (L x W) Dimensions (L x W x H)
Mini Magazine Loader LS-320SDM 50 x 50 330 x 250 850 x 764 x 1255

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