ESE High-Precision SMT Screen Printers

ESE US-2000X Screen Printer

US-2000X SMT screen printer

High-precision SMT screen printers from ESE can handle PCBs up to 850 x 800 mm. Extra-large-board LED models can accommodate panels up to 1500 x 700 mm. Larger custom sizes are also available for both types of printers.


  • High-precision direct-drive servo motors

    All major components of ESE printers—including the printing table, camera and squeegee—are controlled by high-precision servo motors instead of stepping motors and belts, for consistently higher accuracy.

  • Industry's most stable and accurate printing table

    The ESE printing table is precisely and firmly supported by four ball screws and three LM guides.

    This highly stable design allows uniform squeegee pressure across the entire width of the table, and a printing accuracy of 12.5 microns.

    The ESE printing-table conveyor system does not have a fixed rail as with conventional printers.

    Instead, adjustable front and rear rails position the PCB directly over the center of the table, allowing consistent, high-precision printing for components down to 0201 (0603 metric) and pitches to 0.012 in (0.3 mm).

  • Five-stage snap-off

    A programmable five-stage snap-off function further ensures high printing quality.

  • Quick, easy changeovers

    An easy-to-use plunger mechanism enables quick changeovers of different-size stencils, increasing productivity.

    The incoming and outgoing conveyor system features patented, one-touch width adjustment using LM guides instead of ball screws, for quick, trouble-free operation.

    Optional automatic conveyor-width adjustment is available.

  • Fast, accurate vision system, with 2-D inspection standard

    A Cognex vision system features an up-down CCD camera and four LED rings—three for the PCB and one for the stencil—for fast, accurate recognition of PCB and stencil fiducial marks.

    Automatic 2-D paste inspection is standard.

    A closed-loop feedback option allows automatic adjustment of printing registration by a downstream SPI (solder-paste inspection) system.

  • Advanced-design under-stencil cleaning system

    The ESE under-stencil cleaning system features programmable wet, dry, vacuum and air-blow modes, for fast, thorough cleaning.

    A programmable paper saver reduces paper costs.

    The solvent tank is conveniently located on the side of the machine, eliminating the need to stop production for refilling.

  • Easy-to-use software

    The user-friendly ESE software runs on the familiar Windows operating system, simplifying PCB programming and allowing easy access to maintenance and manufacturing data.

    Gerber-data import is included as standard.

  • Large-board capability

    ESE screen printers can handle large PCBs up to 850 x 800 mm.

    LED models can handle panels up to 1500 x 700 mm.

    Larger custom sizes are available for both types of printers.

  • Affordability

    ESE screen printers actually outperform other high-precision printers, yet cost less.

Specifications — SMT Screen Printers

Unit: mm

Min. PCB Size
  • 50 x 50
  • 50 x 50
  • 70 x 70
Max. PCB Size
  • 550 x 400
  • 650 x 510
  • 610 x 610 optional
  • 850 x 500
  • 850 x 610 optional
  • 850 x 800 optional
PCB Thickness
  • 0.3–5.0
  • 0.5–18.0 optional; others upon request
  • 0.1–0.3 with optional vacuum plate
Adjustable Stencil Sizes (custom sizes also available)
  • 550 x 650
  • 650 x 550
  • 736 x 736
  • 584 x 584 optional
  • 650 x 550
  • 736 x 736
  • 800 x 800
  • 850 x 800
  • 736 x 736
  • 800 x 800
  • 850 x 800
  • 980 x 850
  • 1026 x 1026 optional
Print Speed 5–250/s
Accuracy ±10 µm ±12.5 µm ±15 µm
Repeatability ±6 µm ±8 µm ±10 µm
Vision System Cognex®; CCD camera with LED lighting; simultaneous recognition of PCB and stencil
Inspection System 2-D standard; SPI package optional
Power Requirements Single-phase AC 220–240 V, 50/60 Hz 10 A
Air Supply 4–6 kg/cm2, 0.13 m3/min

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1760 x 1735 x 1471 2219 x 1935 x 1471 2647 x 1935 x 1471
Included Accessories
  • Squeegee holder and blade sets (2)
  • Magnetic tooling pins (10)
  • Support plates (4)
  • Cleaning-paper rolls (5)
  • Conveyor belts (2)
  • Paste knife (1)
  • SPI (solder-paste inspection) closed-loop feedback interlock
  • Automatic conveyor-width adjustment (input/output rails)
  • Temperature control (heating and cooling)
  • Air conditioner (cooling only)
  • Solder-paste dispenser (single or double)
  • Vacuum plates
  • Table-vacuum unit (for PCBs under 0.5 mm)
  • Cleaning-paper replenishment alarm
  • QTS WizardTM frame system
  • Quik-toolTM automatic PCB support tooling

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