Reflow and Wave Soldering

Quality used SMT Reflow ovens, SMT Wave soldering equipment from Electrovert, Heller and Research Inc, Microflow manufacturers. Current SMT reflow oven / Wave solderingĀ  models include Electrovert Econopak II, Heller 1808EXL, 1809EX. Each reflow oven / wave solder station is inspected, tested and certified as fully functional.

Used Reflow Ovens

Best value for money used SMT Reflow Ovens

Research, Inc. Microflow 11

Research, Inc. Microflow 11 03-89785-0100

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Heller 1808EXL

Heller 1808EXL 0404D2A7A1-38598-01

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Used Wave Soldering

Best value for money used SMT Wave Soldering Equipment

Electrovert Econopak II

Electrovert Econopack II SMT 16F MO890403047/LV197

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